Travel advices for travelers to Armenia

Visitors to Armenia can be given many travel tips and advices, because like every country, Armenia also has its own characteristics, about which we should know before coming here.


Those traveling to Armenia know that it is a mountainous country. Here the climate is varied, from cold mountainous to dry subtropical. You should also know, that Armenia is rich in water and springs, so tasty and cold water running from them dries the skin. That’s why it is recommended to use moisturizing creams. Unlike many countries of the world, the water flowing from the faucet is drinkable and much tastier in Armenia than some distilled water, so you can drink it without hesitation. We advise you to visit markets and buy local fruits, vegetables and other products: they really have a unique taste. In Yerevan, do not forget to visit various places of interest, museums, restaurants, cafes and pubs. Besides delicious food and good drinks, here you will meet a lot of interesting and unique people with whom your travel to Armenia will become a real adventure.


travel advices for travelers to Armenia


Do not limit yourself being only in Yerevan - travel to the regions of Armenia, visit its historical and cultural places, enjoy the picturesque nature.


One more advice - do not be afraid of low prices: prices in Armenia are low everywhere, from service sector to food points, clinics, etc.


Interesting facts about Armenia


Armenia is an amazing country. Most of the travelers know that Armenians are the first Christian nation. From the first day of the visit you will notice that Armenia is a country of churches. By the way, the first church in the world was built here. Many people may not know that Noah's ark came to the rest on the Biblical Mount Ararat (which is not currently in the territory of Armenia). And the capital of Armenia, which is one of the oldest in the world, has recently celebrated its 2800th anniversary.


A lot of tourists may not know that Armenians have been known as skilled wine makers since ancient times. It is no coincidence that the oldest wine-making equipment was found in Armenia.


travel advices for travelers to Armenia


A number of churches and monasteries in Armenia are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, and Armenian lavash and duduk are in the list of intangible cultural heritage.


The best time to travel to Armenia


It is recommended to travel to Armenia from the months of April to October. This is the best time to visit if you are not a fan of winter sports. But if you prefer winter, then you should definitely visit one of the best ski resorts of Armenia - Tsaghkadzor.


Spring in Armenia lasts very short. It begins mostly from the end of March. So, coming to Armenia in April, you can witness the awakening of nature. And in the summer it is very hot here, from + 30 ° C to + 40 ° C. In this season of the year it is recommended to stay in shady places during daytime. Autumns in Armenia are long and hot. And in winter it is cold here, the temperature can reach from -20 ° C to -1 ° C.


travel advices for travelers to Armenia


Thanks to the wonderful nature, Armenia is beautiful in all the seasons of the year, so you can travel, depending on your preferences. And accommodation in hotels is mostly cheap in all the months of the year.


Accommodation in Armenia. Where is better to stay?


In the active seasons of the year, with a little difficulty, but you can surely find high quality and affordable hotels in Armenia. Accommodation here is much more cheaper for tourists than in other countries. All hotels have various pick up and see off services. Most of them also have tours and tour packages.


If you stay at one of the hotels located in the center of Yerevan, you will not need to use public transport. most of the sights and food points are exactly right in the center of the city.

From these and other aspects Royal Plaza Hotel is a great option, which is affordable and is located in the city center and offers high quality services.