Top 7 Reasons to visit Armenia

The visit to Armenia is based on numerous reasons for diaspora Armenians and foreign tourists. After visiting this country, many of them promise to return. And the reasons of visiting and returning to Armenia are many and various. Let's mention seven of them.


1st reason: Hospitable people


Many tourists visiting Armenia admire the hospitality of Armenians. From greeting at the airport, up to the hotel reception, cafés and other places, the locals smile and kindly welcome tourists, often helping and giving them a shelter. For many of them, these actions are surprising and sometimes incomprehensible. However, these qualities captivate and attract foreigners, who often feel hard and saddened to leave our hospitable country.


Reasons to visit Armenia


2nd reason: First Christian nation


Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity. In this regard, it is also attractive for non-Christians, who come to see the chapels and monasteries nestled in the villages of our country or standing on the peaks and cliffs of the mountains and rocks.The most beautiful monasteries and churches built in the most unlikely places are architectural gems and a source of inspiration for many artists. And the khatchkars with their thousands of years of history are the symbol of uniqueness of Armenian culture.


3rd reason: country with a culture


Thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage, Armenia is called a museum under the open sky. Many tourists visit here to see the cultural values dating back to centuries. Not only in Yerevan, but also in all the regions of Armenia there are many amazing cultural monuments hidden in the cozy and historical corners not known to the world.


Reasons to visit Armenia


4th reason: A place for extreme adventures


Due to the landscape features and the abundance of mountains and canyons, Armenia is one of the most unique places for active and extreme recreation. In recent years, places and routes for extreme tourism have been gradually increasing in our country. Lovers of thrills can not be indifferent to the temptation to sit on the longest ropeway of the world and jump from its heights. The Ziplines operating in the capital and different regions will soon be replenished with another one, which also claims to be the longest in the world.


5th reason: delicious cuisine


Tourists coming from all over the world have always been fascinated by the unique taste of Armenian cuisine. Thanks to its natural and really ecologically clean food, as well as tasty water, the dishes have unique taste. Khorovats, kebab, dolma, kufta and all other dishes can be prepared in other countries as well. However, we can surely say that they can not have the same unique flavour of the dishes made in Armenia.


Reasons to visit Armenia


6th reason: sunny country


In all months of the year, especially in Yerevan, the weather is mostly sunny. Even in the rainy autumn and cold winter, sunny days prevail here. At first glance, this may not be a serious reason to visit Armenia, but for those living in the northern countries, it is very reasonable and, why not, an attractive motivation to visit.


7th reason: country of velvet revolution


For over the weeks, the world's most reputable newspapers were writing about Armenia covering the ongoing actions of peaceful civil disobedience in this small country, which led to a revolution. A revolution, during which there were no acts of violence and no one affected. Such phenomenal events are rare in history. After the velvet revolution, Armenia attracted the attention of many people who even did not know the location of our country, and became a visit destination at the first opportunity.