New Year celebration in Armenia and Yerevan in 2018 - 2019

To celebrate New Year in Armenia 2018 - 2019 is an ideal choice for those who want to enter 2018 spiritually enriched, filled with new and positive energy, which will be enough for the whole year. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the holidays surrounded by new friends in one of the oldest cities in the world, enjoy the sunny, mild winter, exotics and the culture of this country, visit historical-cultural and picturesque places of Armenia, as well as explore the traditions and the wonderful cuisine of this hospitable nation.

It is worth mentioning that New Year is one of the most favorite holidays for Armenians. They celebrate it among friends or family members around christmas tables filled with traditional dishes. Some chose to travel abroad, others like to spend the Eve in luxurious restaurants in Yerevan, the number of which is huge in the city.

new year in Armenia

The atmosphere of New Year in Yerevan and other cities is noticeable everywhere: brightly decorated Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, noisy, attractive christmas markets, where guests can buy wonderful souvenirs and gifts.

Armenian New Year and Christmas celebration traditions

New Year's traditions in Armenia have a history of thousands years. This holiday is considered to be a symbol of transformation
and re-interpretation of the past, because New Year has always been and will be a great opportunity to start everything from the beginning, not to repeat past mistakes and leave the bad behind New Year.

Նոր տարի Հայաստանում

In the past, on the eve of New Year, Armenian families made a fire, around which all the family members gathered. Thereby, they gave all the bad that happened last year to the fire, in an exchange of getting light and warmth for the next year. On New Year's eve girls made predictions on the water to know what awaits them in the next year. As of now, the family members exchanged with gifts. The oldest Christmas dish in Armenia even before Christianity has been Pasus Dolma (Dolma with Lentils), which was served to the gods.

Nowadays New Year is celebrated very differently: old traditions have been replaced by new ones, making this fabulous and unusual holiday even more attractive and interesting.

Visit Armenia and Yerevan on New year holidays in 2018 - 2019

The visit to Armenia on New year holidays in 2018 - 2019, means an exciting excursion in Yerevan, a wonderful dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city, visit to cultural and historical monuments (Old Pagan Temple of Garni, Monasteries of Geghard and Khor Virap, Etchmiadzin Cathedral and more), participation in New Year show programs, great opportunity of active leisure in mountainous Tsaghkadzor ( a ropeway, best ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders) from where, if the weather is good enough visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the Biblical Mount Ararat and mountainous Lake Sevan.

Tourist programs in 2019 like previous years, include all possible master classes, such as the preparation of armenian lavash, tour to Ararat Brandy Factory and wine testing.

new year in Armenia

Weather on New year in Armenia and Yerevan

Before you celebrate your New Year holidays in Armenia, check the weather for December - January in 2018 - 2019. Weather statistics indicate, that the air temperature in Yerevan is average 3 ° C, average daytime temperature is + 2 °, and at night it drops to -7 ° C. The highest temperature in January in Yerevan can reach 12 ° C in the afternoon, and the minimal night temperature is -16 ° C. The thickness of precipitation in January does not exceed 20 mm, and sunshine hours don't exceed 7.

So, New Year in Armenia promises not only fun, noisy walks, but also the opportunity to enjoy the mild, winter weather with bright and hospitable armenian sun rays.