Independent trip to Armenia


In recent years, Armenia has become one of the most popular and attractive destinations for tourists from far and near abroad as well. This is not surprising, as countless cultural and historical monuments and unique natural and unique landscapes are concentrated on such a relatively small area.

armenian roads

Despite the fact that tourism in Armenia started to develop only recently, however, when visiting the country, tourists can choose from a variety of travel agencies offering their destinations and leisure activities. And yet, many tourists who come to rest in Armenia, prefer the independent trip to Armenia, due to which they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country, folk traditions, way of life and way of life of local residents. The best and most suitable time is summer vacation. You can make an independent trip to Armenia by plane or by train via Georgia or Iran.


Trip by car

If you have decided to make an independent trip to Armenia by car, you need to learn some general rules. First of all, it should be noted that you can travel all over this unique "open air museum" in a few hours.

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Armenia is rich with more than 4000 unique and truly spectacular historic monuments of pre-Christian times, Christian monasteries and churches. During the trip by car, you will get the opportunity to see most of them, to plunge into the ancient history of the first Christian country in the world, to admire the beauty nature of Armenia, enjoy the taste and smell of Armenian fruits and taste wine made of grapes grown in Areni.

If you have decided not to use the services of guide, you can use pointers and easily navigate the terrain. Virtually, the travellers can find hotels, snack bars on all routes, where there is an opportunity to fill the car.

Independent trip of foreign tourists

Citizens of USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Georgia, Great Britian, Vatican, Czech Republic, Singapore and other 46 countries can visit Armenia without a visa, with only passport is required. The maximum period of stay in Armenia is 180 days. Foreign children can visit Armenia only accompanied by adults, in this case you must present the child’s passport too.

If you have decided to travel independently by car, then you need to present a driving license to cross the Armenian border.

How much is the petrol in Armenia?


Those who travel to Armenia by car might be interested in the fuel prices.

It is worth noting that, unlike other post-Soviet countries, petrol prices in Armenia are relatively high.

A liter of petrol costs approximately $0.84 or 350-400 AMD.