Visit to Armenia in 2019

Armenia is one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in the world, with a unique history, culture, colorful traditions, cuisine and way of life, a variety of fabulous landscapes and countless attractions, mild climate and hospitality of the locals. It is the world's first Christian nation.


visit to Armenia 2016


Armenia can be called a paradise for foreign tourists and an open-air museum, since the small territory is rich with around 3000 historical and architectural monuments. Armenia is famous for the hospitality and wisdom of the local people, monasteries and cross-stones (khachkar), the combination of ancient and modern architecture, pink capital Yerevan and mirror-like blue lake Sevan, the breathtaking view of the majestic Biblical Ararat and Aragats, pomegranate wine and enchanting brandy, fragrant fruits and true Armenian barbeque (khorovats), steep slopes and large green plains.


visit to Armenia 2016


In recent years, the tourism in Armenia became popular, and the number of visitors is increasing every year. People come here to relax both from near and far abroad, since the visit to Armenia, compared to any other destinations, differs with the reasonably low rates, available prices and services, as well as the richness of the visit. Recently, Armenia has become more attractive for the active rest enthusiasts: climbers, mountain-skiers, water sports and beach volleyball lovers, etc. Also, a totally new branch of tourism - agrotourism has acquired a huge popularity, letting you know better the peculiarities of everyday life of the inhabitants of Armenian villages.


visit to Armenia 2016


2019 will also be interesting for the visitors of Armenia, since this year, as the previous ones, various festivals, exhibitions, tastings, cultural and recreational activities are going to be organized. In addition, along with the improvement of the service quality, price cutting is also planned.


visit to Armenia 2016


In 2019 prices for holidays in Armenia will pleasantly surprise guests of the republic and will allow tourists to save money without the detriment of the quality of rest.


However, the biggest wealth of Armenia is the people: open-hearted, sincere, sociable and friendly, always ready to help and support, so if you decide to visit Armenia, we advise you not to hesitate, pack your suitcases and take the road to this small mountainous country!


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