New Year and Christmas in Armenia

- Mom, I want to fly!

- What do you mean?

- I just want to fly!

- Soon enough you will darling, Christmas is coming.

How magical are the expectations of children and how innocent their imaginations and how enviable their feelings? As we grow older, we start to forget all about miracles and the reality of magic.

And only when the New Year comes, the Christmas spirit heals this illusion and creates a truly magical atmosphere both for adults and children.

The idea of a New Year has first emerged in Egypt, one of the cultural centers of ancient Near East. The idea was connected to the flooding of the river Nile. The flooding season of the river was signalled by the arrival of the star Sirius. Hence, they called the interval time between the return of Sirius and the flooding season of Nile a year.

Christmas celebrations in Armenia and in our culture used to revolve mainly around the religious rituals of the church. As time went by, they got integrated with peoples’ habits and customs.

In the old times in Armenia, the family members used to wear new clothes and tie red ribbons on the horns of the animals. These traditions expressed the desire to spend a happy new year.

However, many of those customs have been forgotten such as the one of placing coins inside apples and gifting them to one another.

Nowadays, the preparations for Christmas and New Year start in the beginning of December. The Armenian women start shopping and making countless types of desserts.

Since the 1st of January is still Christmas time, therefore we also prepare food that is allowed during the fasting period. Our housewives, mothers and ladies prepare beans, lentils, rice, grains, peas and bake pastry that the fasting members of family can also enjoy.

However, these days many people prefer to enjoy the holiday abroad. They choose from endless tour offers of the travel agencies and spend a family vacation abroad.

The Armenian tour operators offer preferred holiday packages for the busiest days of the holiday season. The wide range of Christmas packages allow customers to choose the best suited packages for them: be it romantic holiday in Paris or gorgeous Rome or even bright and sunny vacation near the Egyptian pyramids.

The Royal Plaza Hotel invites everyone to spend the New 2016 Year and Christmas together.

In 2016 there will be plenty of sun for Armenia and the world as it is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. It is advised to celebrate the New Year in the colours of red and orange that symbolise the animal. Shining elements, beads and stones will also please the Monkey. And those who have a fireplace at home, need to light it up at midnight.


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