Sights of Armenia

Armenia is an ancient country with great and rich historical and cultural heritage. This is a great place for travelling.

It can be introduced to the tourists with its geographical diversity, wonderful nature and fascinating cultural heritage. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity, and many tourists visit Armenia to see the wonderful churches, cross stones and other castles and complexes that were build in early Christian times.

Many museums, galleries and other cultural institutions and complexes can be found in Armenia and especially in Yerevan. Most of them will surely give you the cultural soul of our country, make you feel our culture, history and everything that our nation had ever felt.

The Republic of Armenia is a developing country, and many people visit it not only for the great and fascinating historical places, but also for business partnerships. And regardless of the aim of the visit, all the guests and tourists are always surprised by Armenian warm and friendly hospitality.

Our hotel has all the necessary transport resources and professional skills to organize your stay in Yerevan, as well as any excursion or tour both in Yerevan, and outside of Yerevan to any sight of Armenia. Our comfortable minibuses and skilled guides will make your tours and excursions unforgettable.


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