Rest in Armenia in summer 2017

Most people like to have rest in summer. Summer vacation will be very interesting and useful for you. Generous Armenian sun and amazing weather allows greater sunbathing and journey around the country know Armenia better.

Rest in Armenia in June 2017

Tourists in Armenia can watch various events and folk festivities. Yerevan hosts the International Violin Competition named after Khachaturian in June, 2017. Syunik region will be hold Festival of shearing, in Artsakh can be viewed Festival of mulberry.

Rest in Armenia in July 2017

Many interesting events are held in July, Armenia. They are variety of traditional festivals and folk festivals. Among them, the festival "Traditions of Syunik" is hold at the beginning of the month, a holy day of Vardavar - feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, which has pre-Christian roots. As well as the International Film Festival "Golden Apricot". It will be held in July 13-20, in 2017.

Rest in Armenia in August 2017

The coast of Lake Sevan is full of local travelers and foreign tourists. Everyone can find a suitable prices and housing services.