Excursions in Armenia from Yerevan

Excursions in Armenia from Yerevan

Welcome to our sunny, hospitable and friendly country Armenia!

Our ancient country is known for its amazing natural landscapes and cultural-historic attractions. The quite small territory of Armenia is rich with about 4 thousand ancient monuments. And if you choose an excursion tour through Armenia, be sure that this choice won’t disappoint you.

Visit to Armenia in 2019

Visit to Armenia in 2019

Armenia is one of the most ancient and beautiful countries in the world, with a unique history, culture, colorful traditions, cuisine and way of life, a variety of fabulous landscapes and countless attractions, mild climate and hospitality of the locals. It is the world's first Christian nation.

New Year and Christmas in Armenia

- Mom, I want to fly!

- What do you mean?

- I just want to fly!

- Soon enough you will darling, Christmas is coming.

How magical are the expectations of children and how innocent their imaginations and how enviable their feelings? As we grow older, we start to forget all about miracles and the reality of magic.

What to see in Yerevan in 1 day?

Arriving in Yerevan and finding yourself in one of the new and modern terminals, you are here to see one of the attractions in Armenia - the old building of "Zvartnots" airport. There are so many different attractions in Yerevan that in a day you will be able to inspect only a small center of Yerevan.